The Project: Securing All Saints'

All Saints' Church has been a part of the DNA of Taradale and Napier from the very beginnings of the city. Having seen tremendous change in society, from pioneering community to established city, earthquakes and storms to floods and world wars, All Saints' Church has stood as a space for the community to gather, to grieve, to celebrate and to acknowledge the past.

As a community, we are dedicated to ensuring that All Saints' Church stands strong for another generation of Taradale and Napier residents to find within it the hope and community that has served so many others. To ensure All Saints' continues to stand for another generation, we need to secure it as a structure through the installation of a new roof and the painting of the exterior of the church.

This work is going to come at a great expense. With a budgeted cost of $120,000, as a church community we cannot do it alone and so we are asking all those who have been in All Saints', who have celebrated a marriage or mourned a death, who remember Sunday School or a primary school gathering there to help us secure the legacy of the space. 

All Saints' is a treasure that has served our city for nearly 150 years - we now come to a time in its life where we are asking the city to give back to this space to ensure that the treasure that it is lasts for another generation.